A bowl of salad has never been a first choice. Ever. Hence my decision to continue my junk food obsession by using healthier option instead. Being a 19 year old student, it is incredibly difficult to be healthy and have money left over – as a few leaves on a plate with some chicken bits – costs more than a large burger meal.

I had a revelation:

I used to be an obsessive weight detective all through my teenage years and as soon as I turned 19 I realised that I don’t have to impress anyone else if I wasn’t happy. If you want to eat pizza, eat pizza but do it in moderation. I guess that’s the key word that took me ages to figure out – moderation. You can enjoy all the food in the world if you do not misuse it.

This blog is not about avoiding healthy food but when you choose to have a little treat, you can and you can do it in a healthier way.

I hope you enjoy reading my posts! Please follow, like and let me know what you think.

Xavier Rodrigues A.K.A @healthyXjunkie (on social media)


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