What On Earth Do Personal Trainers Eat? A Super Delicious, Super Healthy Recipe By Personal Trainer Will Brown

Super Delicious, Super Healthy Stir Fry

Pictures by Will Brown
Pictures by Will Brown

Will Brown Personal Trainer at Lifestyle Fitness Gym Wembley shares one of his healthy meals with HealthyJunkFoodBlog



I put together this recipe because I’m always being told, “I’m busy, and I don’t have time to eat healthily.”

This simple stir fry is aimed at busy people because it’s:

  • Quick to prepare
  • Can be easily scaled up for bulk cooking (perfect if cooking for more than one person or multiple meals)
  • Keeps for a few days
  • Great value – super cost effective
  • PACKED full of vegetables
  • Contains healthy fats
  • Low carb (and easy to add carbs if necessary)
  • Flippin’ delicious

Let’s get cooking!

Start by preparing your vegetables.

Cabbage makes a great base – it’s super cheap and bulky.  I like to really shred mine.  Green veg is great because of their anti-oestrogenic properties.  Our modern world contains so many oestrogenic chemicals from plastics, fertilisers and cosmetics that it’s great to tip the balance to a more favourable oestrogen profile lowering your risk of breast cancer or for the guys, moobs!

Onions give your stir fry texture and crunch as well as their distinct flavour.  These babies are high in anthoxanthins which have been shown to lower the risk for high blood pressure, high cholesterol, cancer and heart disease. I’m slicing these fairly finely to match the cabbage.

Broccoli is another vegetable from the brassica family, like cabbage with the same anti-oestrogenic properties.  It’s also a great source of organosulfur which has been shown to reduce oxidative stress.  Basically, eating it will help slow and potentially reverse the ageing process.  Chop this into smallish florets.

Carrots are going to provide more crunch to your stir fry, but I like to shave mine with a peeler and have it just wilting in the background.  Thanks to the carotenoids like Beta-carotene it’s got a wonderful orange colour and this is going to boost immune function and help improve vision (mum was right!  Carrots help you see in the dark… sort of).

Mangetout have a decent serving of fibre, keeping you, ahem… regular, whilst still providing you with the vitamins A, B, C and K essential to healthy processes.

Pop these all in a huge bowl together and mix them up well.  We’re only going to cook what we need so the rest can be covered and go into the fridge for another meal.

Get your wok on a medium high heat, and whack a tablespoon of coconut oil in there.  Coconut oil is high in saturated fat (generally thought of as ‘bad’) however it’s well documented that the type of saturated fat in coconut is particularly heart healthy.  Rates of heart disease in countries eating relatively high quantities of coconuts tend to have significantly lower rates of heart disease.

Also, when you’re not cooking with it, it’s great for you skin and hair (but let’s leave that for now).

Bosh your veg into the wok and get it moving around.  We want to just cook the veg without overdoing it which will help to keep in the best of the nutrients.

Let’s take a look at our protein… prawns (mine are already cooked, but if you want to cook yours from fresh, do this first).

They can be a bit boring by themselves so we’re gonna funk them up a bit.

Find your smallest grater / zester and zest a lemon into a bowl.  Next take a couple of cloves of garlic and finely grate them into them same bowl, followed by a half thumb-sized piece of ginger (grated).Add some fresh chili if you like a bit of heat.  Put this on hold for now and go back to your pan.

Add a knob of grass-fed butter to the pan.  Grass-fed butter is an unsung superfood.  Studies have shown that BUTYRic acid found in butter aids the gut through bacteria regulation, bowel regulation and water concentration regulations.

Pop your protein (prawns, but chicken would work nicely here too) into the pan.  All I’m doing with the cooked prawns is warming them.

Add your flavoursome lemon/garlic/ginger/chili mix and let your nostrils enjoy a symphony of aromas.

Lemons, ginger and garlic have great anti-inflammatory properties – think about any cold remedy you can find in a shop, and it’ll contain these ingredients.  They’ve even been shown to reduce muscle soreness after exercise.

All that’s left is to plate this up, and I’ll leave that to you.

Let me know how you get on in the comments section below, and don’t forget if you take a picture for Instagram to hashtag it #healthandperformance

Stir fry ingredients
Pictures by Will Brown

To contact Will Brown, check out his website www.mypersonaltrainerwembley.co.uk

Or check out his Facebook page www.facebook.com/mypersonaltrainerwembley

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